27 October 2020

Guido – the Luiss Mentoring Program

On Wednesday, October 14, the closing event of the first edition of Guido – the Luiss Mentoring Program – took place.

The program aims to create educational continuity and represents an extraordinary opportunity for intergenerational exchange between Junior (Mentee) and Senior (Mentor) Alumni. The guided discussions are designed to place “experience at the service of experience” and to share lessons learned and values with recent graduates and to generate greater awareness in order to best express their potential. For the Mentors, added benefits are learning once more and challenging themselves to roll up their sleeves and get to work to better the community, all within the Luiss cultural network.

This year, the program relied on the experience of over 50 Luiss Alumni alongside Luiss Rector Andrea Prencipe, Luiss General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto, GUIDO Scientific Coordinator Francesco Mantovani, Lecturer Anna Fiorentino and Luiss Professors Alessandro Zattoni and Fabian Homberg.

“During the program, relationships were forged by reflecting on consolidated careers and those in the making. The reciprocal identification between Mentors and Mentees is fostered through the sense of belong to the Luiss community. A community in which we have rediscovered values and shared visions,” states Mentor Riccardo Ricci, Vice President and General Manager Colgate-Palmolive Southern Europe. “For us mentors, finding solid academic preparation, a connection to the real world and the determination to work within a challenging and dynamic global market like the one we find ourselves in today, reminds us who we are and where we came from.” 

“The great value of GUIDO is that gives us the chance to work side by side, and not under, important professionals. This type of approach encourages us to be honest with our Mentors,” explains Mentee Lucrezia Tafanelli. “I am truly satisfied with my path so far and I’ve learned the importance of reflection and methodology to keep going in the right direction.”