30 October 2020

Editorial Andrea Battista, ALL President

Dear Alumni, Dear Friends,

After this summer’s uncertainties about the upcoming winter and months of lockdown, difficult months now await us. Yet, thanks the help and enthusiasm of our entire community, the inevitable difficulties did not stop us before, and they won’t stop us now!
Not coincidentally, the fil rouge that connects the various pieces of this newsletter is the importance of cooperation, as we are a free community.
On the following pages, you’ll learn more about the first edition of the GUIDO Mentoring Program and Luiss Alumni 4 Growth. We then have an article from Ludovica Murazzani who writes to us from China, a point of observation of increasing importance for the pandemic and post-pandemic world. Following is Lorenzo Trapassi, offering his views on another important country for the Luiss alumni community, Brazil. Together, these stories are testimony of the substance of our community, our single global community. In this context, events were essential opportunities and they will become even more so, thanks to the organizational efforts of our Chapters, and this, in itself, is an important step forward.
The Luiss Alumni Association strives to offer continuity and aims to do so through a calibrated program, obviously based on the digital tools that are available, including the University’s platforms. We also are proud of our new website, a space to share and tell the stories of alumni and initiatives in both Italy and around the world: with an all new design and organization, your community is just a click away.

Andrea Battista, President of the Luiss Alumni Association