17 December 2020

Inclusivity, sustainability and empowering women: Martina Rogato, from Luiss to the G20

Graduating from Luiss with degrees in Business Communication and International Relations, Martina Rogato paired what she learned at the University with her real-life skills to set off on a brilliant career. Her passion led her to focus on inclusivity, sustainability and empowering women, themes that she included in her TEDx Talk in Catania one year ago. Today, she holds positions at the international level and is a prime example of how to make your dreams come true through courage and determination.


Martina, can you tell us a little about your time at Luiss?

I hold a BA in Business Communication and an MA in International Relations. In 2003, I dreamed of becoming a journalist and found myself back at Luiss, considered one of the best places to study journalism. After an Erasmus project at Sciences Po Paris, I changed my mind. Now, I’m an independent sustainability and CSR consultant and I help companies develop business approaches inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Were there any figures or experiences during your university career that have impacted your career?

A lot of extracurricular experiences were relevant to my career. First and foremost, the University’s radio. My entertainment program was the second ever to go on the air for Radio Luiss and it was where I developed my public speaking for three years. Then, with a few other students, I founded Sustainable Luiss, now Green Challenge: a unique experience that introduced me to the world of CSR and sustainability. I am also very grateful to Professor Antonio Cocozza and Professor Elena Sciso, my former teachers and pioneers of my field in Italy.


Tell us about your experience with Women20 as well as the importance of discussing a theme like empowering women at the global level.

Beyond my professional work, I spend my free time as an activist in civil society. After years of volunteering for Amnesty as a Corporate Responsibility expert, in 2016, I joined the front line on diversity and gender equality. Women20 (W20) is the official G20 engagement group on gender. On December 1, the Italian G20 Summit Presidency began, and I was nominated W20 Sherpa. My task is to gather recommendations from civil society in the 20 countries and from over 70 experts on the topic to influence the Leaders’ Agenda on the theme of gender equality. The Italian Summit will focus on three pillars: People, Planet & Prosperity, and this will give me the opportunity to pair my activism with my professional skills on sustainability.



Another important topic: sustainability. What paths do you think countries should take to make better choices? What can we citizens do in our own little way? 

As people, is our responsibility to inform ourselves and share information. As consumers, to make informed decisions and influence companies with our purchasing power. As voters, we must demand that our governments lead us towards a production approach that is more attentive to the environment and people. Governments should increase investment in sustainability training and in spreading truly inclusive culture. I hope that Italy will actively seize the opportunity to re-introduce civics in schools.


What advice would you give young women and men interested in a path similar to yours?

I would encourage young people to follow and defend their dreams and to build solid skill sets. With courage, heart and content you create your own space in the world. I talked about this theme too in my TEDx Talk in Catania, entitled How to Survive in a Liquid World.


Virginia Gullotta, Journalist