17 December 2020

Youth Plan 2021: Luiss hosts the presentation of proposals to relaunch the country

On Thursday, December 3, Youth Plan 2021, the collective proposal from young people to relaunch the country, was presented at Luiss.

The webinar was moderated by APS Europa per l’Italia, part of the Rete Giovani (Youth Network) represented by Roberta Ruggieri and Riccardo Testa, with the help of the Luiss Alumni Association. Guest speakers included Professor Christian Fernando Iaione, Professor Luciano Monti, Professor Elena De Nictolis, Dr. Daniele Moscati and ALL President Andrea Battista.


The Youth Plan aims to bridge the gap that exists within our country, ensuring that intergenerational justice inspires political choices that fully respect the generations of the present and future. To achieve this goal, Youth Network 2021 was formed, now counting over 80 associations representing Italy’s youth.

From July 2020 to today, thanks to an inclusive, collaborative and digital process, Youth Plan 2021 was drafted, containing proposals for the future of Italy, inspired by the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The project presented at Luiss began in July, when the then 17 associations came together to discuss the absence of young people at the National Consultations on the Economy, called by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, as well as from the country’s concrete agenda.


The Network has created a pioneering initiative that would allow for notable advancement of requests for the present and future of young people.


The document outlines three crucial macro-areas for the future of young people: Inclusive Society, Environmental Sustainability, and Innovation Culture. Each is then broken into detailed sub-themes of the objectives, but moreover, indicators to measure effective implementation and definitions of specific proposals.


Universities plays a crucial role for the future of our country and new generations: several points of Youth Plan 2021 closely examine the academic world. For this reason, Luiss readily accepted to host the unveiling of the Plan in its entirety.


Fundamental were the talks of guests, experts and Luiss faculty members who analyzed the Plan and worked to improve it.

In particular, the talk given by President Battista on Innovation Culture focused on an analysis of the system, touching on essential aspects for development and innovation. Concreteness, measurable approaches research on indicators are necessary aspects, according to Battista. Also central is the role of a global benchmark, continued the President, to encourage innovation, starting with decentralized mechanisms. Lowering barriers and simplification cannot be lacking, just as the country must abandon fiscal practices that penalize young people in business. These aspects were mentioned several times by the experts at the round table.


If the first objective – influencing the Legge di Bilancio – did not yield favorable results, the Network remained determined and wrote a second draft of the Plan, focusing on five battles for the future.

The choice was based on an analysis of the factors necessary to encourage new generations to be an active part and motor of a new project for the country: from a human-centric approach emerge the most urgent essential issues to shape Italy’s future.

The primary objective is to ensure that projects for the country, starting with Next Generation EU, include forward-thinking policies that allow the country to achieve the 17 SDGs and make Italy an inclusive and sustainable nation in social, environmental and economic terms.

That’s why, on 12 December 2020, the Generational Consultations were held, featuring talks from experts and representatives of institutions, culminating with the delivery of the new version of the Youth Plan 2021.


Roberta Ruggieri, Luiss student; Vice President APS Europa per l’Italia