25 February 2021

Artificial intelligence and blockchain to understand markets: Antonio Simeone

From his studies in Psychology to the Luiss program in Business Administration, Antonio Simeone, class of 2012, began trading and working while still at Luiss. His first startup, Catchawork, was a platform for job seekers and employers to come together, taking advantage of video CVs and group work: “I wanted to spark innovation that would lead video CVs to be analyzed by algorithms.” In the meantime, he began studying the world of cryptocurrencies, writing a book Bitcoin: an Instruction Manual and with the Luiss Department of Business and Management, in 2012, he “founded the first university observatory on Bitcoin in Europe alongside additional colleagues,” he explains.

After following a number of additional courses, Antonio moved on to prediction models and blockchain technology: “I began collaborating with a trader that worked on artificial intelligence models applied to the finance world,” he explains. “We then began studying different approaches and founded Euklid S.r.l.” His objective was to create a Bitcoin investment fund and, in particular, “to study human psychology through mathematical equations.” In the meantime, however, the algorithms became increasingly complex, growing closer to finance and they “decided to bring the company to the traditional market, with headquarters in London and a vehicle in Luxemburg.”

Combining skills and technologies, “we’ve made Euklid what it is today, the first investment fund that applies blockchain and artificial intelligence, and a team that peforms research and tries to get as close as possible to equations that govern certain markets.”

For Antonio, it’s essential to “stay a step ahead of the game,” which is why he “works with scientists and constantly seeks talent, especially in Italy: competent and versatile people with creative minds, capable of studying analogies that range from astrophysics to the world of algorithms, for example.” In the near future, Antonio is planning on “investing in the healthcare sector to make increasingly accurate diagnoses with the help of algorithms.”

Antonio looks back on his time at Luiss with a smile: “The University gave me roots and wings: roots in the world of finance and economics, and at the same time, it allowed me to soar.” While he mentions some mentors, Professors Gennaro Olivieri, Enrico Cavalieri, Enrico Maria Cervellati, and Paolo Boccardelli, he states that “the list is so long that I’ll never stop thanking the University and its faculty for the energy and the passion they’ve given me.”