21 April 2021

Editorial Andrea Battista, ALL President

In the first editorial of the year for our newsletter, I wrote that “2021 has now begun, confirming in this first phase of the new year the weight of hopes and fears that are so inextricably connected and difficult to decipher. The complex but concrete vaccination perspectives, in particular, give us hope, even with all the related caveats, to resume our everyday life… ”

I truly struggle to find different words to these, two months later. I can only add that the journey continues and that we have covered a section of the path over these past two months. We still don’t know how much, but we are progressively getting closer to the goal. A statistic of note for one and all? 354,000 vaccinations per day is the latest figure recorded as I write. We choose to look at the glass as half full.

In this newsletter we offer a set of notable and diverse contributions on a number of key issues of the collective agenda such as health and global cooperation. We do this in particular through the lenses of some of our Alumni, increasingly bearers of significant and varied experiences.

I end these lines by thanking those who joined our Association in these first months of the year. The numbers finally seem to be starting to grow. But it is still too little. I invite everyone once again each to involve Luiss friends and contacts, to prepare ourselves in the best possible way for the restart.

The resumption of face-to-face activities is approaching and everything we have done, are doing and do “deserves” to be translated into ever greater involvement.


Andrea Battista, President of the Luiss Alumni Association