5 July 2021

Editorial Andrea Battista, ALL President

Here we are, at last.

Starting in September, we are ready to ‘unload’ work that unfortunately we were partially obliged to carry out behind the scenes.

In my last editorial, I encouraged you to look at the glass half-full and it is now filling up. With all the necessary precaution measures in place, we are beginning to relaunch in-person meetings throughout the country.

The meeting convening ALL members took place this 7 July, also marking their return to physical encounters.

If we needed confirmation that a community of people lives of encounters and interactions, this has proved to be true.

We will certainly not withdraw from using digital tools, which we have heavily relied on lately.

It will most probably become a support measure to which we can selectively turn to, for example when we seek to contact speakers that are geographically distant or to integrate participation in phygital mode.

Indeed, we are and will continue to increasingly be part of a large global community, even although we are physically disjointed.

ALL events will be scheduled in multiple locations and on a continuous basis as much as is feasible. This is the goal we intend to achieve. It would be a grand novelty for ALL, perhaps, it’s most profound transformation.

We will carry out the core of the events in Milan, that is the workplace of many alumni and where many Chapter esteri offices reside.

As for now, in this newsletter, you will find relevant and diversified contributions on some key topics of the collective agenda (such as the circular economy) through the perspectives of our alumni.

I would like to highlight an objective that is to inform our community on the fundamental positive progress of our university in international rankings and, in general, on the successes achieved.

The article on recent rankings is only a first contribution, albeit a fundamental one.

I conclude by recalling that we started with the communication campaign for the ALL association. Thank you to all those who worked on it.

The campaign does not replace the granular engagement that each of us can offer but functions to support it.

I invite you all to interact with your Luiss friends and contacts to prepare ourselves in the best possible way for the new beginning, under the banner of participation and inclusion.

With this occasion, I would like to warmly greet Professor Francesco Di Ciommo, who was recently appointed as Deputy Rector for Alumni Relations. Once again, with this nomination, our University testifies the importance given to the alumni community and to establishing a long and fruitful relationship.


Andrea Battista, President of the Luiss Alumni Association