5 July 2021

From Luiss to Le Fonti: The ambitious pathway of the law firm, Battaglia & Arceri

Antonio Battaglia and Francesco Arceri shared their experiences that led them to be named “Boutique d’Eccellenze” in Administrative Law, Public Procurement and Agency Litigation.


When did you develop the idea of ​​founding a law firm?

We developed the idea of ​​collaborating professionally during the Luiss Master’s in Business Criminal Law in 2014, where we met. It remained in the pipeline for some time, until we decided to get involved and bring our project to life. Five years have gone by since that afternoon. It was an obvious consequence of the experiences we lived, our shared goals and healthy ambition have led us to an almost obligatory as well as natural choice.


How has your business evolved over these five years in relation to the ever-changing regulatory environment?

Initially, we were predominantly engaged in issues related to criminal law, a discipline that is less prone to continuous change. We started collaborating with companies that were very different to our typical customer and therefore, we had to review our approach towards the customer and primarily, towards the distinct subjects that we have had to explore from then on. In particular, we had the opportunity to focus on the world of public procurement, which has now become the firm’s core business. The new procurement code had recently come into force with the Legislative Decree 50/2016 which still today thrives on continuous changes, derogations and extensions. However, we believe we are still far from a concept that combines simplification, clarity, certainty and transparency. This phase of initial development of the new code combined with the speedy business dynamics that we were working with, certainly gave us the opportunity to adapt our pace to the constantly evolving legislation and the demands of more structured clients.


What is the route that brought you to achieve the 2020 Le Fonti Awards?

For the most part, it was not a route aimed at achieving a recognition, but rather was oriented towards personal and professional development both ours and of those collaborating with us. Seen in these terms, we may appear to have reached our goal, but in reality it is an ongoing process that does not have a point of arrival. We systematically give our all in what we do. We started from scratch, our families did not pass down an established law firm. Probably, this aspect allows us to experience our job today with enthusiasm.


What does this award mean to the future of your law firm?

The driving force of the work we have conducted so far is not aimed at prize recognition but is directed elsewhere. Of course, it was an important moment for Battaglia & Arceri given the nature of the award, the rationale behind it and the moment in which it was granted to us. Bearing these circumstances in mind, we like to interpret the award as a symbol of the good we have delivered and what yet needs to be done.


Going back to your university days, how would you describe your experience at Luiss?

I enrolled in 2007 in the Single-Cycle Master’s Degree Course in Law. After graduating in 2013, I decided to take the Luiss Second Level Master’s Degree in Business Criminal Law, where I met my current business partner Antonio Battaglia.


What are the University’s strengths?

First and foremost, its formal, international and practical approach, that is instilled in students from the very start of their university experience in order to prepare them to enter the world of work. Moreover, it seems obvious today, but already in 2007, the organization at Luiss was exemplary: structured, transparent and efficient. It put students in a position to face university life in the best possible way, from the booking systems of exams, exam calendar, graduation sessions and tutoring services.


During your university experience, did someone or a specific experiences have a particularly positive impact or supported your preparation to the world of work?

Every person we met and all our experiences contributed to shaping our character and professionalism, leading us to become what we are today. If we had to mention one important figure, it would have to be Prof. Pessi, a true master, who supported our all-round personal and professional development. In terms of experiences, we must admit the university associations have been much more formative than we could have imagined while completing our studies. It supported us to develop interpersonal skills and a healthy competitive attitude that prepared us to face the world of work right from the start as fair, competitive and ambitious independent contractors.


What are the advantages of being part of the Luiss network? Did it help you in any way?

There are many advantages to being part of the Luiss network, however they are not intrinsic. It is true that having the Luiss University on your CV is a valuable asset, however it has its honors and obligations. There are high expectations on Luiss graduates. One expects perfection or close to perfection, and people are not willing to forgive mistakes. We find this stimulating, but we must constantly bear this in mind. It is always exciting and pleasant to meet members of the Luiss network both in the work and private spheres. We are bonded by a sense of belonging to a community and to some extent by a sibling relationship. This also applies to a person whom you may have not met during your degree course, but the sentiment naturally arises given the shared experiences or mutual friends made at Luiss.


Virginia Gullotta, Journalist