6 July 2021

ALL Assembly: the new mandate of President Battista and the Board of Directors

The ALL Assembly convening Luiss Alumni Association Members took place on July 7 at Viale Romania.

It marked the return to a (new) normal with a large number of participants attending in-person. After months of experimenting with the phygital format, Members connecting remotely were able to engage  in the conversation which was greatly appreciated by those residing outside Rome and abroad. Many deliberations were assumed, including the approval of the amendments made to the Charter, in order to ensure an all the more efficient functioning of the Association and the 2020 financial statements which confirmed all activities were carried out according to the financial sustainability principle.

The Assembly represented an important junction for associative life, closing President Andrea Battista’s two-year mandate who reported on the results achieved, despite Covid-19 and the suspension of all social events in Italy and around the world. One of the goals reached is the establishment of Chapter, an international network that is expanding and is ready to support the University’s internationalization strategy. Furthermore, the digital transformation instigated by the pandemic, made it possible to continue organizing meetings, welcome event proposals from the Chapter channels, offering the opportunity to the entire network to participate. From now, resuming face-to-face activities will be supported by a new program of initiatives, starting with the Chapter network of Milan, aimed at expanding in Italy and across the globe as a community “with infinite nods of connection” and creating “value with values”. The Assembly has defined a distinctive identity, vision, mission and set of values to the Association that has been active for over thirty years. This has proven true based on the “Your values, your voice” survey conducted between July and August 2020 with 1400 Alumni respondents.  As part of a more comprehensive investment in communications via social media channels and consistent with that already made with the newsletter restyling, ALL launched its own membership campaign, aimed at attracting new Members that are committed to developing a strong bond with Luiss.

If the dimension of service to the University is one of the main reasons for remaining connected as Alumni, the trajectories of the new Luiss strategic plan (2021-2024) will guide ALL’s activities for the next two-year period (2021-2023). President Andrea Battista will continue to lead the two-year mandate and will be supported by members of the Board of Directors appointed by the Assembly: Enrico Cantarelli – Vice President, Francesco Nicotri – Secretary General, Mauro Milillo – Treasurer, Francesca Chiarelli, Silvia D’Angelo, Raffaella De Felice, Angelo Doni, Fabio Falcone, Rita Gismondi, Virginia Gullotta, Chiara Rinaldi, and Angela Troisi. Equally important will be the Council’s contributions and the supervisory role of the Board of Auditors, also appointed by the Assembly for a mandate of two and three years respectively.


Francesco Nicotri, Secretary General Luiss Alumni Association