5 October 2021

Editorial Andrea Battista, ALL President

The shareholders’ meeting was held on July 7th, marking the return to in-person ALL events.  Following the well-deserved summer break, in-person meetings finally restarted.

For some time, we will try to put digital tools aside.

Specifically, the first networking meeting was held on September 13th in Milan. Having a large associative activity in Milan is a transformation for our Association, almost an ontological change.

Every month or in fact every week, alumni arrive in Milan with high hopes and the strong desire to achieve. I recall these very feelings, having experienced these firsthand.

A vibrant community plays a fundamental role in welcoming newcomers. This function can have a great value, especially in Milan.

I therefore make an appeal to the thousands of Alumni in Milan to participate in the events, encourage other Luiss Alumni to join and sign up to our Association.

At the end of September, we hosted the Freshers’ Week 2021, welcoming the Luiss freshers. The Campuses are once again populated with future graduates who are full of vibrant energy and hold hopeful dreams. I wish them the best of luck!

The recent grand event was the investiture ceremony of the Alumnus of the year, which returned after the inevitable break last year. Finally, the recognition was bestowed upon a female winner, Patrizia Micucci. I take this opportunity to publicly extend my heartful congratulations to Patrizia.

As always, this newsletter proposes a set of contributions addressing some key themes of the collective agenda through the perspectives of our alumni.

Before concluding, I would like to draw your attention to the extensive interview to my friend Professor Francesco Di Ciommo, Deputy Rector for the Alumni community Relations. He was newly appointed to this position and is already fully immersed in his role. Enjoy the reading, it’s a real page-turner!

Finally, I would like to remind our readers that we are committed to expanding our community further and in the coming months, everyone will be called to be ambassadors of our associative campaign: ALL connected for life!


Andrea Battista, President of the Luiss Alumni Association