20 December 2021

Alumni Leadership Experience 2021

The first years of work experience of a young graduate can present challenges, pitfalls, surprises, and opportunities that require orientation and new strategic skills. It is crucial that young graduates learn to confront these with awareness to fully realize their professional potential.

Among the education initiatives offered by the University, the Alumni Leadership Experience is an experiential learning and mentoring opportunity specifically designed for young University Alumni with high potential.

The third edition, which just ended, was held in the offices in Rome (Saturday, 23 October) and Milan (Saturday, 27 November), engaging over 40 young Graduates coming from all Luiss Departments and currently young professionals working in Italy and abroad in different contexts and job roles.

Each day was tailored to the participants’ profiles which were analyzed in detail by the Faculty of Excellence which–starting from the 2021 edition–also includes Luiss Alumni with certified experiences in the field of HR in Italian and international companies, institutions, and consulting firms. Together with Professor Enzo De Angelis (Chair of Mercer Italia) and Roberto Maglione (Professor of Practice at the Luiss Business School) who are pioneers and scientific representatives of the initiative since the first edition, participants had the opportunity to meet with Flavia Mirabelli (SVP HR Consultant & Coach), Luiss Alumni Ilaria Benni (Company Organization & Talent Director, Loro Piana), Barbara Bertolucci (Senior HR Director & Coach), Fausto Fusco (HR Director, BIP Group) and Francesca Vadruccio (HR Manager, BMW Group), who testified the value of the Luiss Alumni community and its supporting network.

Ernesto Martinelli (SVP HR Business Partner, ENEL Group) and Luca Ruggi (HR Director, PwC) intervened as guest speakers, the former at the event in Rome and the latter in Milan.

Creativity, critical thinking, change management, and contextual intelligence are some of the themes that emerged during these days. Supported by the guidance of Faculty, participants had the opportunity to simulate organizational behaviors and get involved, learning to enrich and improve their leadership skills.

“Networking with my past university colleagues but also getting to know others from who I learned new competencies that were missing in my skillset. Discovering hidden aspects and enhancing personality traits that I had never had the opportunity to expose”. These are the advantages of this experience according to Ileana Renzi, who graduated in Management in 2019, after participating in the event in Rome.


CONNECT Editorial Board