22 December 2021

Editorial – Andrea Battista

In a few sentences, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to the whole community of Luiss Alumni around the world.

As already mentioned, in the last weeks of the year, we resumed activities in presence, by finding or rediscovering active communities after two challenging years.

We managed to continue to pursue our associative activities thanks to digital tools, which we will probably find in new forms over time.

It is still complex to organize and manage in-person activities, but we did not stop, and we do not want to stop if safety regulations can be guaranteed, albeit with great efforts. I thank everyone for their work in this respect.

The rebirth of the association in Milan also deserves a special mention.

Over 100 people participated in the ALL together for Christmas, after four in-person events at the university’s Milan Luiss hub. These are the first signs of a momentous evolution.

I would also like to thank the Alumni who brought prestige to our University during this year of 2021, supporting us to achieve success and significant positions. I cannot mention them one by one, also because I risk omitting some names given the long list!

I can only finish by renewing my best wishes to everyone for a prosperous, peaceful and constructive 2022.


Andrea Battista, President Luiss Alumni Association