24 February 2022

The importance of Alumni Leadership Experience in professional development

Two years have passed since I graduated, and I was lucky enough to have my whole family attend the session to celebrate. I feel I have changed and that I am conscious of the transition from student to work life. I perfectly recall the words of the General Manager, Giovanni Lo Storto during the day dedicated to admissions to graduation, in which he highlighted that at Luiss we would have met potential working partners and that we would become ambassadors of the University in the outside world.


The University’s relations proved to be the perfect springboard to enter the world of work and allowed me to conduct an internship with an important consulting company. Now I realize that one of the strengths of Luiss is how it prepares its students to enter the professional world from the start of their university experience. Also, having maintained regular contact with Luiss, I subsequently joined an important Italian Group operating in the Space & Defense sector, where I held the role as a Controller for two years. At the beginning of the pandemic, this activity was suspended for about one month, and even in that moment of despair, I didn’t get discouraged by boredom and I took the opportunity to engage in a series of meetings organized by Luiss. For example, I recall the seminar on “Healthy nutrition” and the events addressing the role of Italian Intelligence at the time of COVID-19.


I continued to update my CV using the Luiss format, knowing that it is the best to showcase acquired skills. After some interviews, I received two job offers. In the very weeks I was in the process of choosing which path to embark on, the University organized the Alumni Leadership Experience event in which I participated. Firstly, it was great to meet former colleagues and interact with them again. Following the event, participants were contacted bilaterally by the Professor who had followed their activities during the game day. Thanks to the one-to-one meeting, I had the opportunity to ask questions about job opportunities to the Professor, who provided me with suggestions and shared personal experiences. I can confirm that I chose what was recommended to me and I am convinced that I made the best choice that adheres to the type of person I strive to become. In fact, today, I work in the Ferrovie dello Stato Group and hold the position as a Data Analyst in the logistics sector. I feel that I am a useful and integral part of this strategic reality for our country.


With these first experiences, I learned that feeling part of an organization and understanding the impact of one’s duties on the overall results of a Company are significant motivating factors. I believe that my results so far have been positively influenced by my experience at Luiss. Also, I always encourage my former colleagues to actively participate in the events organized by the University because they allow you to get back into the game, learn new perspectives, and acquire greater self-awareness. I am sure I can still gain a lot from the University, but I can also give back through my contributions as an Alumnus.


Giovanni Modica, Data Analyst – logistics sector – Mercitalia Rail