1 March 2022

Editorial – Andrea Battista

As we know, the beginning of this year proved to be challenging with the development of the pandemic and its new variants, and the tragedy of the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, we decided to postpone the start of in-person activities in Rome and Milan scheduled during the month of March.

We are working to design, plan, and implement an intense and interesting program between now and the summer.

Clearly, the activities led by the association and more generally of the alumni network have not stopped and continue to offer a vast range of events.

The Guido Mentoring program, led by senior graduates to support younger graduates, has “scaled up” , as startuppers would say. Almost 200 mentors and mentees are involved in this new edition, which will also offer opportunities for in-person meetings between the people involved.

Of course, we don’t want to stop there.

Although it is still challenging to organize physical events in many countries due to restrictions, we finally believe that our association is going global. We founded several chapters that are becoming operational in California, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and most recently in Dubai. I thank the enthusiastic Chapter leaders who are ready to convene our colleagues across the different international cities.

Among Luiss Alumni around the world of which we are proud, I take this opportunity to mention Pier Francesco Zazo, the Italian Ambassador in Kiev, who remained at the helm of the Italian Embassy.

I conclude this editorial by inviting you to participate in the association’s activities, encourage as many colleagues as possible to join, and continue to expand your network.


Andrea Battista, President Luiss Alumni Association