21 April 2022

Editorial – Andrea Battista

Since the end of February, the war in Ukraine has abruptly replaced the pandemic at the center of the international community’s attention. In the name of Luiss University and as its Alumni, we supported the Ukrainian community by making a small contribution to alleviate the population’s suffering during this dramatic time.

We thank all those who participated in the fundraising campaign. Charity work is certainly an integral part of a community like ours.

As an Association, we have now decided to directly provide scholarship support to allow a student refugee to study at Luiss. To paraphrase Amartya Sen, it is hard to imagine something that could change life opportunities more, for those who will benefit from it and perhaps, in time for their entire community.

We will soon invite everyone to support this effort with generosity and enthusiasm, especially by taking part in our events.

Our program got off to a great start at the beginning of March. Among others, I would like to mention the recent informal meeting held in Milan, where two great bankers shared their ideas and reflections.

With restrictions in foreign countries now being uplifted, our Chapters have started in-person activities. We will try to support and continue to develop Chapters in every possible way.

To close this editorial, I would like to address the recently published QS international rankings. The article in this issue outlines the recent successes of our University.

I would like to highlight the importance of these results, that are recognized at the community level and beyond, that is a source of pride for our University.


Andrea Battista, President Luiss Alumni Association