2 May 2022

The Luiss Alumni Association in Dubai. The interview with Chapter Leader, Francesco Bulleri

Today, the network of Luiss Alumni is composed of over 53.000 Alumni all over the world, united to create a community of knowledge, personal and professional relationships and opportunities to share. The extension of the community, in which the University remains a constant point of contact and a landmark, is also due to the recent opening of foreign Chapters and appointment of Chapter leaders, current affairs promoters, in-depth meetings on issues of networking, cultural visits and much more.
With this issue of the newsletter, we are starting a series of interviews with our Chapter Leaders as protagonists. Today, Francesco Bulleri, ALL Chapter leader in Dubai, will tell us about his personal experience at the launch event.


What was the outcome of the Dubai Chapter event launch?

It was a pleasant gathering of young and senior graduates. Although for some it was the first time, there was a relaxed and serene atmosphere, the same as at Luiss. The event was held in the Italy Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai and was enriched by the presence of the Consul General, Giuseppe Finocchiaro and the Commissioner General of Italy, Paolo Risenti.


How long have you been in Dubai and what do you do?

I have been in Dubai for about two years now working in the corporate department of ADG Legal, an international law firm focused on providing legal assistance to companies and individuals doing business here in the United Arab Emirates.


What are the fastest growing areas and sectors in the Emirates?

Currently the country is in a growing phase, so there is a great need for resources in different sectors such as retail, construction, tech, tourism, automotive, fashion, luxury, and food. Lately, we have also been working with cryptocurrencies, thanks to the implementation of regulations that are facilitating their development.


What are the most in-demand job skills and what are the business and career prospects for our graduates?

Firstly, it must be stressed that the country needs and welcomes expats. Just think that only 10% of the population is of Emirati nationality. This allows our graduates to be attractive for this market, especially for those who do business and want to invest in the Gulf. There are many Italian companies and entrepreneurs interested in setting up companies. There is also an interest in the world of science, tech, and sales marketing figures with managerial experience.


What are the Chapter’s upcoming programs?

In Dubai, there is a community of more than a hundred graduates that we aim to contact and involve in the Chapter’s activities. In fact, we are already working on the next event to be held in May and will include a networking session. The idea is to create periodic appointments, to which we will add institutional events involving the Emirati and Italian authorities.


What is your advice to those who wish to undertake a professional and business experience in Dubai?

I recommend developing hard but above all soft skills. You must learn to be flexible and adapt to the context and multiculturalism. I also advise that you consider the ALL network as an important point of reference for information about life and work in Dubai. As the Chapter leader, I am available to connect alumni with professionals in various industries.


Rita Gismondi, Lawyer, and Chiara Rinaldi, Journalist