18 July 2022

ACE “triple degree” offered by Luiss together with Renmin University of China and The George Washington University

Luiss expands its international program offerings and advances on providing innovative education with ACE, the new triple degree program, developed in partnership with Renmin University of China in Beijing and The George Washington University in Washington DC.

The ACE triple degree – ACE stands for America, China, and Europe – is an innovative and unique degree program offered to students enrolled in the English-taught Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration (BBA). The program will commence this September. Students enrolled in the three universities will do their first year at their home university where they will acquire basic knowledge in business, economics, law, coding, and quantitative subjects. At the end of the first semester, each of the three universities will select 15 students who will be invited to join the second-year class at Luiss. In Rome, ACE students will not only deep dive into the subjects related to Business Administration studies, but will also explore the characteristics of European institutions and business. During the second year, students will engage in Chinese language classes to prepare for their third year when they will move to Beijing. In the meantime, Chinese students will study Italian. ACE students will be offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture by taking courses offered by Renmin University, interacting with local institutions, and living in China’s capital city for a full year. During their fourth year, ACE students will move to America and attend one of the most prestigious business schools, The George Washington University, where they will live the American college experience.

During the four years, ACE students will adopt different teaching methodologies through case studies, interactive lectures, peer-to-peer coding classes, presentations, and business simulations.

At the end of the four years, ACE students will obtain three degrees, in addition to the Luiss degree, an American degree and a Chinese degree.

Through this degree program, ACE students will develop a global mindset by living and studying in three cities including Rome, Beijing, and Washington DC, which are international in scope and the capitals of their respective countries. ACE students will come into close contact with the political institutions of the countries, and have the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of local cultures.

The ACE degree program is designed for students who wish to develop an international profile, aspire to hold leadership roles in international companies and institutions and consulting firms, or aim to have a background that will enable them to enter postgraduate courses offered by the world’s top universities.


Prof. Antonio Majocchi

Full Professor

Deloitte Chair in International Management and Global Challenges

Dept of Business and Management Luiss Guido Carli