18 July 2022

Letter to Luiss

Dear Luiss, I truly missed you!


It’s a pleasure to see you again! 1997 to 2022, that’s a quarter of a century since my graduation. What can I say? Help! How is that possible?

Einstein was right. These 25 years for which you prepared me have literally flown by. If I had to sum them up for you, dear Luiss, dear Alma Mater, I would talk about my passions. Professor Matteo Caroli, who was also my thesis supervisor, said to me, “Turn your passions into your profession”. I succeeded and I am delighted.


I work in and for the world of luxury that is a vehicle to make positive social change, the custodian of craftsmanship, and promoter of culture around the world. From Paris to Italy through Switzerland. “The luxury industry is tough and unfair”, as one of my former supervisors said. It is tough because the industry dreams big and strives for excellence and the gratification of desires. It is unfair because, when working in the emotional sphere, at times you do not achieve your goal despite your efforts and motivation. To accomplish an objective in the luxury industry requires discipline and passion. If you are not passionate about your profession, you will not make clients’ dreams come true. Dear Luiss, you taught me the discipline and passion that wins over the heart and brain. And I am grateful for it.


But how do you learn to be passionate? Observe and role model professors and classmates, create a positive energy that motivates you, and let’s leverage a meritocratic system that rewards and safeguards excellence.

Dear Luiss, that is you. You are demanding and generous, and we Alumni are grateful to you!


Summer is approaching. It’s time for exams, graduations, and yearly reflections. To all our students, best wishes and keep in touch 🙂

Time to soak up some sun, happy holidays.


Maria Grazia Solimene, VP Consumer, Luxury, Retail, sustainability focus – Capgemini Invent