18 July 2022

In memory of Silvia Biondi

Dear Colleagues,

The Editorial Board had planned to dedicate an editorial column to Luiss graduate, Silvia Biondi who would have shared her work experiences with migrants and humanitarian aid missions in light of her international career with the World Food Programme.

She was thrilled to contribute to our Newsletter to share her personal and professional journey.

She made herself available to participate in a virtual Luiss Open Day aimed at prospective students.

Professionalism, generosity, and passion are characteristics that have always distinguished Silvia. She believed she could and was very keen to make her contribution to the Luiss community, in addition to the interview she gave us some time ago. For those who missed it, see the link to read the interview.

She cared deeply about her work. Silvia was a kind person who was always ready to support others with a warm, welcoming smile. She had great moral integrity, a gentle firmness, extraordinary energy, and was a  humble mentor.

Those who had the honor of knowing and working with her recognize and appreciate Silvia’s thoughtfulness and the care she had towards others.

We were deeply saddened by the news of Silvia’s untimely passing and reflected upon how to pay tribe to Silvia’s life and work.

Perhaps, these words will not suffice to raising awareness of her contributions, but are a testament to Silvia’s distinguished profile and how much more she would have “given back” to our University and Luiss Alumni community.


Chiara Rinaldi, Journalist