25 July 2022


The first half of this calendar year concluded with the Assembly of Members on July 13, featuring an intensive program of activities, and the return of the in-person summer festival, celebrated by the community with great enthusiasm who finally meet again. The Assembly was also an opportunity to welcome Angelo D’Alena as new Board Member of the Luiss Alumni Association.

On this occasion, a large gathering of community members, Faculty, and staff working at Luiss came together after three complex and challenging years – a sign that the community is solid.

The evening was also an opportunity to launch the new Alumni fundraiser, which I announced in the previous newsletter, that earmarks a scholarship for a refugee student to study at Luiss, hence changing their life opportunities.

As I already mentioned, charity work is an integral, though not exclusive, part of being an Alumni community. It is a concrete and purposeful action of giving back.

Thank you again to all those who already contributed towards this scholarship campaign and to those who will participate. We raised one-third of the total amount, and I am confident that we will reach the goal by the end of the year thanks to our generous community.

Finally, this marks an exceptional year for our university in world rankings. Censis confirmed Luiss in first place among Italy’s medium-sized private universities.

After the well-deserved summer break, a significant year for our community awaits us with the Global Reunion in Rome in June next year among many other activities.

Our warmest wishes for your summer vacation.


Andrea Battista, ALL Presidente