5 December 2022

Luigi Colavolpe, Luxembourg Chapter Leader shares his story with the Luiss Alumni Association

The new ALL Luxembourg Chapter was inaugurated on 22 September, and Luigi Colavolpe was appointed Chapter Leader. The Luxembourg Alumni had actually already met in 2022 before the official inauguration at other very successful events: including Professor Fiori’s visit, a conference on contemporary issues, and a networking cocktail. Now the road to a more solid and shared path is being charted. During a visit at the LUISS headquarters in Viale Pola, Luigi Colavolpe, who is currently General Manager at UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. answered some questions from members of the LUISS Alumni Association.

Luigi, tell us about the inauguration of the new Chapter in Luxembourg. What feelings did you experience? What did you share with other LUISS graduates?

The educational pathway and international dimension are key factors that also guided me in my profession. My entire career has been abroad, including a study period in France where I took advantage of Luiss’s exchange agreements. For this reason, inaugurating the Chapter for a university, which focuses on internationalism in their offer, represents an opportunity of going back in time and resuming a path based on the same cornerstones: internationalization and education.

The chance to bring together a community, of which I feel an integral part, abroad as well as the exactment of being here today in the historic headquarters of Viale Pola is a great opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences as Luiss graduates in Luxembourg, and discuss future plans for Alumni who have decided to work in Luxembourg.


What does being named Chapter Leader of the LUISS Alumni Association mean to you?

It is an opportunity to raise awareness about our brand outside the Association and get in touch with young people and professionals of the highest level. This is what characterized the educational model of Luiss. It is a new challenge for me, in which I aim to make our community even more integrated within Luxembourg’s hosting network.


Which are currently the most wanted job profiles and/or professions in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a services-oriented marketplace, particularly financial services, which accounts for an important share of its GDP. The financial sector drives the economy that has transformed over time. Today, it is among the most important marketplaces in the insurance sector. It is a hub that is chosen by large international banking groups for wealth management and asset management. These are the areas in which companies will continue to find opportunities, with a focus on ESG investments, which are the new lines on which professionals are currently being recruited. Finally, there is no shortage of opportunities in the industrial sector.


How do you envision the Luxembourg Chapter in five years?

The question is how I envision Luiss in five years rather! Thanks to the work we are doing, I think that our University will become an institution that is more and more widely recognized at the European and international level, and will represent Italy as a renowned example of the most successful educational pathway.

For the Luxembourg Chapter in particular, I hope that we can continue to develop a sense of community based on common values, and that there will be increasing participation within the Chapter. We are currently focusing on organizing meetings to get to know each other and share experiences as well as trainings and conferences on general topics that may be of interest to our Alumni. It will also be interesting to deep dive into individual companies through onsite visits where Alumni can create direct contacts within new business worlds and explore new ideas.


Would you like to share a memory or anecdote from your experience at Luiss?

Right now we are standing in front of the “Palazzotto” which reminds me of my thesis presentation in 1996. I entered the Sala delle Colonne after the presentation and saw the entire examining committee standing. It was a very emotional moment for me that rewarded me for my efforts and commitment during my studies at university.


Interview by Rita Gismondi and Chiara Rinaldi, members of the Executive Board of the LUISS Alumni Association.