6 December 2022


Ever since its outbreak in late February, the war in Ukraine has abruptly taken over from the pandemic at the center of the international community’s attention. Unfortunately, the year is drawing to a close without a ceasefire.

In this context, charity work is an integral and natural part of our community.

We, as Luiss and its Alumni, made a small contribution to alleviating the suffering of the Ukrainian people and are supporting a scholarship that will assist refugee students with their studies at Luiss.

Paraphrasing a renowned statement by Amartya Sen, it is a celebration of life opportunities.

Once again, we will invite you all to contribute with generosity and enthusiasm on the occasion of the end-of-year wishes and celebrations.
In this issue, we share some Alumni’s reflections on the topics of labor and human resources.

However, I must dedicate my concluding remarks to the positioning of the University in international rankings.

Following the success of the QS in the Financial Times Ranking 2022, the Master’s Degree in Management climbed more than 20 positions, now ranking 53rd in the world, and reached first place in the world for graduates’ career progression.

I wished to refer to these figures here to ensure that this achievement is increasingly recognized across our community.
It is an unquestionable and important achievement and a matter of pride for all Alumni to which all Alumni can contribute.


Andrea Battista, ALL President.