9 December 2022

Forbes rewards Luiss graduate Alessio Raccagna listed among the most promising Under 35 lobbyists

It was 2015 when Alessio Raccagna organized the first TEDx event at LUISS Guido Carli University as a student. After graduating in International Relations, he gained professional experience in Italy and abroad. Today, he is the Director of Government Affairs Southern Europe at Lime, Vice-President of Assosharing, as well as the founder of a startup that deals with online sales of organic and natural products made by small family-run Italian companies since 2012. He was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the best Under 35 lobbyists.


What does it mean to be shortlisted among the top 10 Italian Under 35 lobbyists?

It’s a great achievement! It is a recognition of my work done over the years, and of course, it is a starting point for future prospects.


How did Luiss contribute to bridging the gap with the world of work?

Luiss contributed mainly in two ways. It allowed me to develop a network early on, which I was able to leverage from the start of my career. It taught me to adopt the institutional relations approach early on. These two factors made getting into the world of work, I won’t say easy but systematic.


Let’s go back in time. What were your study years at Luiss like? What memories do you cherish? 

My years at Luiss were good. I remember the long nights in the study hall before exams. This is not meant to be advice for young students. In parallel, I also was involved in the development of a startup and events like TEDx. I went from Via Salvini where we worked to Viale Romania, where most classes were held. The two blended together became a great training ground for me. My studies in International Relations served to open my mind and develop new approaches to things and public affairs in particular. My studies were also important to the work I do today.


What values do you think bring Luiss graduates together more than others? 

Firstly, I would say the sense of belonging to Mamma Luiss. We, graduates, are proud to come from this environment. The sense of sacrifice is a core value, that is understood as the ability to be competitive from the start. LUISS stimulates you to put yourself on the line and offers a strong global drive without overlooking the focus on the student. Experience is also a core value at Luiss. Through its network, you engage with people in important managerial roles who become examples.


Thinking about your profession, how do you envision yourself in 10 years?

In my field, It is difficult to predict what will happen in three days, let alone in 10 years! I imagine staying in the same field, that of international relations, and fighting for causes I believe in. Today, I work in sustainable mobility. To be a “stakeholder”, you have to believe in the interest you represent. I hope to keep up my passion and enthusiasm in 10 years’ time.