25 January 2023

“Luiss stands out in Italy’s excellent academic landscape” Alumna Ilaria Salzarulo shares her story

Tell us about your experience at Luiss

In terms of academic excellence, Italy offers the best. Multiple universities excel in this area, and Luiss is one of them. Luiss was founded within the framework of a network of enterprises and actually has a solid corporate vocation, which, in my opinion, makes it stand out.

I was still enrolled in “Università Roma Tre,” where some of my classes were taught by professors from both institutions when I first came across Luiss.

I found excellent student services and outstanding networking opportunities as soon as I got to Luiss, and the people I met—both as friends and professionals—have proven to be of great value.

Extracurricular activities were excellent, and public speaking was also beneficial. When I was job hunting, it was an arrow in my quiver. In addition, the mentoring course became increasingly important during my studies and subsequent work. This university provided me with a tremendous boost. I come from an entrepreneurial family. The rest was done by technical abilities combined with an entrepreneurial attitude and mindset.


Did you stay in touch with the university after graduation?

I haven’t lost contact with the university over the years. Even if you move for work, there’s always that instinct to contact that professor or colleague and have a coffee and chat. It’s always nice to remember our university journey together. The student-teacher relationship is well-balanced, and this is important.

My classmates are still my friends; the bond that forms behind the desks is unbreakable, and even though we live in different cities, we always stay in touch.

I have frequently encountered Luiss in colleagues or project referents throughout my career. It’s a useful point of contact because the “Luissino” attitude is recognized, and understood as commitment, perseverance, and tenacity. Luiss teaches you to always strive for the best possible solution.


What do you do today?

Today, I work as an Advisor in the world of business strategy, specifically guiding small and medium-sized Italian businesses in new sales models. In 2021, I made a significant decision by leaving Accenture to work independently. I now work with entrepreneurs as well as in my family’s business.


Is there any advice you feel like giving to our students?

I graduated in the 2013-2014 academic year. Given today’s market and technological trends, we could almost say a geological era has passed. I would advise undergraduates to stay grounded and start small in order to grow big later.

By expanding on the skills learned in class, you can stay informed about what happens outside of the university. This is also an excellent strategy. Read the major publications on the topics you cover in your lectures. Attend conferences and festivals, and network with people in your field of study to discuss these issues from different perspectives.

I realized that the excellent preparation provided by the university, integrated with my curiosity about the outside world, was a winning combination.

The labor market is full of tech-minded individuals. You must remember that it is not only your skills that set you apart, but also your values and “soft” skills. Nowadays, being empathic and actively listening identifies a professional. It is also essential to enjoy the journey.