9 March 2023


As I write this introduction for the first 2023 issue of our newsletter, I’m excited to report that our network of Chapters is bustling with exciting activities. I’m very grateful for everyone’s dedication and hard work.

I’m thrilled to warmly welcome our newly established Brazilian Chapter, marking our first presence in South America.

Furthermore, I want to highlight the revival of our activities in Paris, a pivotal city, particularly due to the growing number of Luiss Alumni in the area.

As we mentioned before, our community values charity work and giving back. This belief is an integral part of our community and who we are.

The recent devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria reminds us of our responsibility to help those in need. I’m confident that our community will once again rise to the occasion and give generously.

In this issue, we have some exciting articles on various topics. We are thrilled to feature an interview with Marcella Panucci, a Luiss graduate from the class of 2022.

I want to highlight the valuable insights on international relations that we gained from the interview with Raffaele Marchetti and the compelling words of Luciana Coluccello, a renowned war reporter and Luiss graduate.

Overall, these contributions showcase the diversity, depth, and impact of the Luiss Alumni community in our Country and around the world.


Andrea Battista, ALL President