26 April 2023

Matteo Saltarello is among the Under-30s shortlisted by Forbes Italia in the Enterprise Technology category for having developed TAC, the first eco-friendly business application

You are one of the 100 Under-30s young innovative talents for 2023 selected by Forbes Italia. What does this award mean to you?

It represents a small personal accomplishment that I was glad to achieve, but above all, it is a responsibility. Being shortlisted doesn’t mean that you have accomplished a definitive result. It is more of a promise that you are a young person who can offer value in the future. What I would like is to keep this promise in time and to be able to bring something to the market for clients and to the venture capital world.


What degree program did you complete and in what year?

I graduated in Business Economics in 2017, then did one year of work, and a two-year Master’s degree program. In 2021, I enrolled in the Master’s degree in International Management, where I specialized in the innovation field. The program met all of my expectations, and it was exactly the type of education I had envisioned serving as the foundation for my career.


How has Luiss aided in establishing a relationship with the world of work?

The answer is partially in the question, in the sense that Luiss is well connected to the world of work. It frequently hosts events and even the professors have extensive professional networks. Students’ access to events naturally develops into a strong network. It undoubtedly helped me, both with the highly practical courses and the opportunity to network at extra-curricular and academic events. In the end, the opportunity to access the world that revolves around Luiss, as well as what you learn. Sustainability is now a topic that companies must pay attention to. As consumers, we must be aware of our impact on the environment. For example, business cards are tools that you think are nothing. In reality, these have a significant negative impact on the amount of wasted paper on a large scale. Here, Luiss enables you to adopt the right mindset to pay attention to these aspects.


Let’s go back in time; what were your study years at Luiss like? What are your memories?

I met peers with different profiles and came from different realities that I would never have met otherwise. From this perceptive, it also gave me an open-mindedness that I think is particularly effective at Luiss. There are students who come from all over Italy and the world, having taken the English course, among other things. When I think back on the various projects I worked on with a group of 4-5 other peers, one that stands out is a company simulation on the market, where we would meet together to make strategic decisions such as the proper price to post on the market and how to invest the firm’s capital. We would publish the results every week to assess the effectiveness of our decisions. I couldn’t wait to return to class to find out if that pricing strategy was sound or if we should have explored a higher price instead.


What values do you believe bind Luiss Alumni together?

Ambition, in the sense that there is a desire to build an important career. I have always noticed that all my colleagues at the University placed an emphasis on subjects that are not directly related to theoretical notions, such as aspects related to sustainability; we often talked about human values. There is an emphasis on career development but also on the human element. I found this in my course peers. The University itself pushes in both of these directions, to develop a career with a human conscience, thanks to highly competent lecturers and a structure that also shows great attention to sustainability.


How do you picture yourself and your career path in ten years?

I hope to continue along this pathway, in the sense that I really like doing business. My goal is to build a company of high value and in 10-15 years’ time, to stop and maybe become a manager and not an entrepreneur. After completing what I wanted to do on the entrepreneurial side, I will focus my skills on a less entrepreneurial and more technical side of the job.