26 April 2023

Riccardo Carnevale, Co-Founder and CEO of the Startup Advisory Company Startcom, shares his story

You are one of the 100 Under-30s young innovative talents for 2023 selected by Forbes Italia. What does this award mean to you?

I’m thrilled and grateful to the Forbes Italia editors who chose me. It’s a wonderful recognition, representing a milestone but also a starting point. There is still a long way to go to reach the next milestone. Seeing your name in the rankings is rewarding, but what I really like to see are the results and repercussions of my work in the real world.


What degree program did you complete and in what year?

I received my law degree in 2018, followed by an economics degree in 2020. The Luiss Double Degrees are a distinguishing feature of the University’s educational offerings. This allowed me to pursue a different kind of degree without bureaucratic issues. It was a pathway that I knew from my first year in law that I wanted to follow; my ambition has always been to work in the corporate sector, either as an entrepreneur or consultant. For me, choosing Luiss was undoubtedly influenced by the high quality of education offered, countless opportunities, but most importantly, by the opportunity of following a hybrid pathway to develop managerial, financial, legal, and economic skills.


How has Luiss helped in building a connection with the world of work?

While still a student, I began pursuing entrepreneurial and work activities, which is an option that the University not only provides but also supports. It is really significant because it allows you to learn what work and entrepreneurship are from first-hand experience, and it helps you understand what career you want for yourself, the activity you truly want to do when you grow up, already during your undergraduate years. Before starting university, you usually have great ideas, but as you study you may realize that your initial idea is not really the main activity you want to pursue for the rest of your life. From this point of view, Luiss successfully guides you and helps you understand your passions. And it does it very well.


Let’s go back in time; what were your study years at Luiss like? What are your memories?

I only have positive memories of my university. These were wonderful years. I was there for seven years between my two degrees. They were significant but difficult years, but they all provide lovely memories. One of my biggest successes was arranging a meeting at Luiss with one of my idols, Piero Angela, and interviewing him in front of 800 students in Aula Chiesa.


What values do you believe bind Luiss Alumni together?

The opportunity to stay in touch with each other in different parts of the world. I will soon be leaving for New York and will meet several Alumni there. The University teaches you that wherever you go if there is a need for support or advice, there will always be a Luiss Alumnus/a at your disposal. It goes without saying that having access to such a network and being aware of your connections in the world’s most important cities is always an added value. Even though I later found myself working for other businesses, I still encountered managers and directors who passed by Luiss.


How do you picture yourself and your career path in ten years?

It is very difficult for me to answer this question because I’m not a person who makes long-term plans and when I start a business, I try to see how far it goes. Two years ago, if someone had asked me the same question, I would not have guessed that I would have founded Startcom or that I would have made Forbes Italia’s Under-30s list. I hope that both my career and startup will grow at the same pace and reach the highest possible peaks.