26 April 2023

“University is a tool to be exploited”. Alumnus Luca Frisari is among the young entrepreneurs awarded by Forbes Italia

You are one of the 100 Under-30s young innovative talents for 2023 selected by Forbes Italia. What does this award mean to you?

Truly a fine recognition! We are humbled by this recognition and it motivates us to keep pushing forward. Two years ago, when we first launched our start-up, we never could have imagined achieving so many small goals along the way. It is all thanks to the talented individuals on the Zwap team, who are all under 30 years old. One thing is certain: we know that this is not an end point.


What degree program did you complete and in what year?

Undoubtedly, the university can serve as inspiration, because that is where I learned the practical approach of looking at goals and metrics established a priori. These are metrics that are more dependent on the business and the work that is done than on visibility or success or how many awards you win. Secondly, with the analytical approach, you can determine the process and monitor progress if you know what level you want to reach. Having said that, I graduated in 2021, but even before I completed the university course, I had already stepped into the world of innovation. I was able to do this by leveraging the tools that Luiss provided, such as having a direct line to the venture master, something that is not taken for granted. Last but not least, is the international component. Luiss students can really go far. I also began experimenting outside of the university throughout those years.


Let’s go back in time; what were your study years at Luiss like? What are your memories?

I went into those years believing that education was a crucial component of a long journey and that it served as a tool for me to get to what I wanted to do in the world of work. I wasn’t there just to study. It was a mix of fun and learning. I have wonderful memories, even of the study sessions, although I was never completely sucked in by books.


What values do you believe bind Luiss Alumni together?

If there is one, it is undoubtedly the openness to innovation. There are certainly many shared principles, but I believe it derives from how I perceived my journey at Luiss.


How do you picture yourself and your career path in ten years?

I hope to have moved on from Zwap, that the app experience will have been a success, and that I will already be running a second business where I won’t make the same mistakes I did in the first one. It is clear that it will require research. And finally, I wouldn’t mind returning to Puglia.