9 June 2023

Massimiliano Casellato, Head of the H2C real estate division and a young talent from Luiss, has been awarded as one of the 100 Innovators Under 30s by Forbes Italia.

As one of the 100 young innovative talents selected by Forbes Italia in 2023, what does receiving this award mean to you?

This award represents the culmination of my journey at Luiss. When I made the decision to enroll in the Roman university, coming from Padua, all my contacts and knowledge were focusing on Milan. My decision went against the prevailing trend; however, I have always believed in the innovative project of Luiss and found unwavering support for my academic, professional, and personal growth since my time at the university. This achievement confirms that the path I have chosen was the right one and serves as a new starting point to continue to grow. At 29 years old, I know there is still a long way to go.


In what year and in what did you graduate?

In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management and then continued with a Master’s degree in Management in English, during which I had the opportunity to join the Double Degree program with Gothenburg. This allowed me to graduate in December 2017 in both Italy and Sweden.


How has Luiss helped you transition into the professional world?

Having Luiss on your CV is a definite advantage. It played a significant role in opening doors to prestigious companies when I embarked on my career in the financial sector. The experiences I gained while studying abroad were also instrumental in shaping my development. Moreover, the mindset fostered by Luiss during my academic years served as a springboard for my career. In 2013, I had the privilege of being the spokesperson for a Luiss advertising campaign with the slogan “Entrepreneur of oneself.” It was at that moment when I truly felt a transformative shift within me, and the University foresaw and nurtured this trajectory, guiding me towards what I believe is my true calling.


Let’s go back in time, what were your years of study at Luiss like? What memories do you cherish?

Those years were a mix of wonderful and challenging moments. In my case, I spent a total of five years at Luiss, making it a long and intense journey. The fact that I spent two of those years abroad added an extra layer of richness to my experience. It was a time filled with incredible and highly formative moments, where I truly grew as an individual. I carry with me fond memories of  the summer study sessions. We would always gather in Aula Chiesa the night before exams. It was a place that provided the perfect environment for concentration, and we would also take refreshing breaks when needed!


What values do you think bring together Luiss Alumni?

Many of my former university peers have become my closest friends, and what’s even more special is that the Luiss network has provided me with collaborative work opportunities over the years. This advantage has greatly contributed to my personal and professional growth. Among the values that unite us as Alumni, teamwork stands out. Also, the mindset of embracing challenges that we develop during our time at university plays a significant role in preparing us for the world of work. In the classroom, we were taught to be ambitious and competitive, but in a healthy manner that equipped us for the realities of work. In my opinion, this value truly sets us apart.


Looking ahead to your profession, how do you envision yourself in 10 years?

At this moment, I have a lot on my plate because my work revolves around the development of cities and communities in terms of employment opportunities, as well as the growth and progress of various regions. Through our dedication, we attract large companies and multinational corporations to areas undergoing development, creating opportunities for local communities. Luiss, like a caring mother, prepares you to spread your wings and find your path. It takes time to find your true calling, but I believe I have discovered it because I am doing what I love. In ten years’ time, I hope to continue pursuing my passion with a specialized focus in my field. I am confident that I can make valuable contributions not only in Italy but also on an international scale.