12 June 2023

Impact Speech with Fabio Caressa – Milan Luiss Hub

On Monday, May 29th, the Impact Speech with Fabio Caressa took place at the Milan Luiss Hub. Fabio Caressa, a renowned journalist and sports commentator in our country, as well as a Luiss graduate, was the guest speaker. The event was moderated by Massimo Angelini, External Affairs, Corporate Communication & Partnership Director at Luiss.

We had the privilege of listening to an outstanding professional who possesses great enthusiasm for his work and has been using his voice to narrate the story of the football world since 1986.

During the event, Fabio shared a variety of anecdotes about national and international sports personalities and companies. He also drew parallels between management and sports, providing us with valuable insights from his life experiences. It was a surprising lesson in project management.

Caressa has skillfully integrated elements borrowed from sports into his professional style, such as goal identification, perseverance in achieving objectives, efficient time and human relations management, and a deep understanding of the context. Through this, he beautifully exemplifies how sports can be a metaphor for life.

His ideal commentary is one in which he successfully anticipates the viewers’ questions, a feat he has also accomplished with each one of us!


Chiara Rinaldi, member of the Executive Board of the Luiss Alumni Association.