1-Hour Talk con Fabiano Schivardi: The COVID-19 crisis: how to avoid the financial contagion

  ALL never stops!    On Thursday, April 23rd, a new 1-Hour Talk was held, with Fabiano Schivardi, Professor of Economics and Deputy Rector for Research at Luiss. Fabiano Schivardi received his Ph. D. in Economics from Stanford University in 1998.  Professor Schivardi presented in English the results of a very timely and interesting study aimed at determining the amount of public resources necessary to avoid that the impact of the current pandemia generates a lasting financial and mainstreet crisis on the Italian economy. To achieve such result, the study, based on the database of Italian corporates managed by Cerved, has estimated the debt and liquidity impact on each corporate caused by the current lockdown. Such estimate has then been compared with the measures introduced by the Government via the so called Liquidity Decree to facilitate access to new indebtedness by corporates and relieve their personnel costs via subsidies, proving the adequateness of such resources within the currently envisaged gradual reopening of economic activities.     Introduction and opening remarks: Andrea Battista, President of the Luiss Alumni Association 

23 Aprile 2020

18:30 - 18:30