22 December 2021

Tel Aviv Chapter of the Luiss Alumni Association: a year in review

2021 has been an intense year for us all from a professional and human perspective. However, it has also boosted many ideas and initiatives.


The ALL community – led remarkably by President Andrea Battista – was undoubtedly an initiative that acquired a visibility and a presence in our daily life like never before. The Israeli Chapter, chaired by Daniele Moscati, attempted to contribute to this project involving approximately 20 Alumni who participated in different initiatives, mainly remotely.


As I have always said, I believe that the Israeli Chapter should be seen as an example to a business community immersed in technology and innovation. Reflecting back on 2021, the One Hour Talk organized by the Chapter of Tel-Aviv in February, hosted Professor ZimlichmanChief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center –who examined Israel’s response to Covid-19 and the emergency health management strategies that have made the country a point of reference at the international level.


The event received positive responses from the public and the interactions with our guest was very stimulating. Participants’ feedback of the following days confirmed this, reflecting their appreciation of the event.


I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year, and hope that 2022 bring to life many new initiatives and an increasingly expanded and active ALL Community.


Daniele Moscati, Shanghai Chapter Leader