Alessia Cerbone, Investment Associate and Platform Manager at LVenture Group, has been listed by Forbes Italia as Lead of the Future

26 April 2023

You are one of the 100 Under-30s young innovative talents for 2023 selected by Forbes Italia. What does this award mean to you?

It is an achievement that motivates me to do better. These kinds of achievements can help you join a series of interesting networks, connect with incredible people, and pave the way for the professional development goals you have set for yourself. For me, it represents a huge anticipation of my future goals and the impact I would like my actions to have in this ecosystem and my day-to-day work. I’m very satisfied, especially because just when you feel you have done little, a small milestone comes along to prove that this is not the case.

What degree program did you complete and in what year?

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2018 and at the time, my idea was to stop there and start studying digital internet marketing. My family disagreed with this because they felt the power of all the change that was and is happening. I decided to enroll in a Luiss Business School Master’s degree because I was looking for a program that would allow me to learn more about the world of innovation and start-ups. Luiss had exactly what I needed. I would make this choice a thousand more times because it gave me the drive and knowledge to embark on a career pathway that is rapidly and significantly reshaping me.

How has Luiss helped in building a connection with the world of work?

I think the greatest asset of Luiss is its ability to put everything on the table while providing you with an education so that you are then able to seize the opportunities that come your way. Many of my colleagues have also shared with me this same eagerness and curiosity, which actually rewards you because it requires you to go beyond simply taking advantage of what the university offers and think of ways to improve it. You must ask yourself that extra question and be proactive in seeking out people with relevant experience. What you take away is a mindset. At times, luck takes you to the right place at the right time due to a series of coincidences, but Luiss teaches you to take advantage of this opportunity and act without hesitation.

Let’s go back in time; what were your study years at Luiss like? What are your memories?

There was definitely a lot of madness back then but in a good way. We had classes from 9.00 AM until 6.00 PM and extra courses that were optional but that we all attended them. I remember this ‘full immersion’ where everyone gave 120%, but we also had the opportunity to interact with peers from other Master’s degree programs which opened the door to so many different points of view, even from those who had chosen completely different pathways from your own. Even though it can seem pointless to compare yourself with a colleague who is pursuing a Master’s in music while you are studying finance and entrepreneurship, it is actually invaluable; it gives you a different perspective that you otherwise would not have and enriches you. During my time at Luiss, I have witnessed a great deal of involvement and community spirit, as well as a great deal of cooperation that has sparked many genuine projects and relationships.

What values do you believe bind Luiss Alumni together?

The power of the Alumni network is definitely its cohesion provided by its member professionals. Without proactive people, it would just be an empty box. I have met many Alumni in my career and started working with many of them, particularly in the area of investments. I have always shared a genuine desire to create something that has a greater impact than just our personal interests. Every time I meet someone who I then discover studied at Luiss, I always find the desire and inspiration to launch new projects and enter into a partnership with them. Collaboration and the spirit of the initiative are undeniably among the qualities that bind Alumni together. The University places a strong emphasis on leadership and teaches you that you must achieve your goals with the support of the people around you, never by crushing them.

How do you picture yourself and your career path in ten years?

My dream is to manage a foundation. I’ve always thought that there were many ways to get there, and I wasn’t sure where to begin. My goal at the moment is to build a network of contacts and acquire the skills necessary to make a good impact in the start-up and innovation ecosystem in Italy. Ten years from now I would like to see a bit of all sides of the coin. So far, I’ve been able to experience the validation side, mainly thanks to Luiss, and over the past three years, I’ve intensified the management side of mentorship and coaching as well as the entire investment side of a start-up project. The next step will definitely be to go back into the game and then see if there is also a different training pathway, perhaps one that leads to larger companies. I cannot claim to have a roadmap; nonetheless, my modus operandi is to push, push, push, and define the next objective, which enables us to look ahead.

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