Interview with Davide Arduini, recognized by Federmanager as one of the top Managers in Italy under 44

6 March 2023

When you think back on your time at Luiss, what is the first memory that comes to mind?

Many wonderful memories from my time at Luiss still resonate with me today. Choosing this university was one of the best decisions I made for my career. I like to describe Luiss as the birthplace of my aspirations and the catalyst for my professional projects because my experiences at Luiss helped me discover the pathway that I wanted to pursue. One standout moment was the start of my university journey. I’ll never forget the warm welcome I received from the General Manager Pierluigi Celli, who was a mentor to all of us students. Another significant memory is connected to my thesis. Working on an experimental thesis allowed me to gain practical experience in my field and enter the workforce before graduating, which was a valuable opportunity.

How did Luiss help you prepare for the working world?

Luiss provided me with a practical approach to learning, often using unconventional methods compared to traditional academic standards. This helped me realize that soft skills are crucial for becoming a successful manager in addition to technical knowledge. The skills I developed during my time at Luiss gave me a competitive advantage and prepared me for the challenges of the working world.

What did receiving the Young Manager 2022 Award from Federmanager mean to you? How did you feel?

Receiving this award from Federmanager, the largest network of business managers in Italy is a great accomplishment for me. To be recognized as one of the top 10 managers under the age of 44 in Italy, out of a pool of around 1,800 candidates, is a source of immense satisfaction. Looking back on my experiences and the challenges I faced, this award represents a key milestone in my career. It also motivates me to set new and even more ambitious goals for the future.

In your opinion, what values unite the Alumni Luiss network?

Luiss is like a flag, so we affectionately refer to it as ‘mamma Luiss.’ It’s a place where we found our identity and developed a strong sense of belonging to a community. Luiss teaches you how to set goals, the importance of commitment to achieving them, how to take responsibility for your actions, and how to meet deadlines. As a Luiss graduate, it’s our duty to take on these values in the organizations we work for, inspiring younger colleagues to take responsibility and strive for excellence. We should lead by example and support them in their growth and career development.

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