Luiss graduate Edoardo Costa is among Forbes’ most promising Under 30 Innovators in Italy

26 April 2023

You are one of the 100 Under-30s young innovative talents for 2023 selected by Forbes Italia. What does this award mean to you?

It is a recognition of the pathway I took because being an entrepreneur is not easy and fraught with challenges for young people in Italy. At 25 years old, I realize that when I have work meetings, many managers or CEOs dedicate time to you in direct proportion to your age; the younger you are, the less they will listen to you. For me, being nominated by Forbes as an Under-30s Innovator means getting credit for the work we have accomplished so far and also having a greater influence when I speak with my colleagues.

What degree program did you complete and in what year?

I completed my degree in Economics and Management in 2019 before deciding to continue my studies at Luiss, where I focused on International Management and took an online course with Queen’s University Canada.

How has Luiss helped in building a connection with the world of work?

Luiss is like a mother who watches over you, offers you perspectives that help you develop, and gives you considerable awareness, making you feel supported even in the world of work. It provides a foundation for doing entrepreneurship, but especially for someone like me who is a startupper, it supports you in all your projects.

Let’s go back in time; what were your study years at Luiss like? What are your memories?

Some of my closest friends today are the people I met at Luiss, and I’ve shared some of my fondest memories with them. The years I spent working at the University were fun, and particularly during my master’s degree, I worked on numerous projects and met many colleagues with whom I still keep in touch. Being an international university also allows you to get to know international colleagues with whom you can have discussions and compare notes, which is really enjoyable. I also have fond memories of several lecturers who were always very supportive and often showed an interest in the work I was doing outside of Luiss. I also cherish memories of the Viale Romania Campus, where I would stay up all night studying and which I will always remember for its beauty.

What values do you believe bind Luiss Alumni together?

Most definitely the sense of kinship and affection you feel for the University long after you finish your studies. I interact with different colleagues and stakeholders for job purposes, and I often run into Luiss Alumni in Rome but also in Milan, Turin, and Florence. You feel part of an ecosystem that feels a bit like ‘home’. We are a member of a network, and while this is by no means a given, it is a reality to be conscious of because the people you choose to surround yourself with, whether they be friends or colleagues, also reflect on you and your actions.

How do you picture yourself and your career path in ten years?

That’s a good question, yet I don’t have an answer for you today. I definitely deviated from what may be considered the typical pathway of a university student, and I saw this, especially with my friends who went to work in companies. I always felt a little distant from them because I always felt it was not my destiny. Running a startup is challenging but I never questioned what I was doing. This is what I want to achieve, and I am convinced this is my route. I definitely picture myself as more competent than I am now.

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