Luiss graduate Erika Munno is among Forbes’ most promising Under 35 lobbyists in Italy

9 December 2022

Erika Munno represents the interests of private organizations and transforms them into opportunities to improve the quality of legislation and public decisions at Comin & Partners, a strategic communication and institutional consultancy firm. She received recognition from Forbes magazine, shortlisted among the top Under 35 lobbyists in Italy.

What does it mean to be shortlisted among the top 10 Italian Under 35 lobbyists?

It is a great achievement that comes after having started several years ago in the world of institutional relations, a sector in which I decided to invest in by building my passion and career. But it is also a tribute to the industry that I represent, because too often in Italy, “lobbying” is not recognized as a profession. It is perceived badly or not understood. For this reason, I believe it is essential to make it clear that there are many young people who study and train to exercise this role. It is a profession that requires many skills, and great professionalism, and cannot be improvised.

How did Luiss contribute to bridging the gap with the world of work?

Luiss has helped me to adopt a/my method. I learned about the importance of having a network, building relationships, taking care of them, and making them grow over time. All of this means being a bridge and enabler of opportunities, which is of great value in a hyperconnected society like ours. Today, I feed on relationships, not just for my work, but in general, my life. Luiss was also fundamental in building the technical knowledge and that passion for the world of politics and institutions that helped me choose my career path.

Let’s go back in time. What were your study years at Luiss like? What memories do you cherish? 

I have wonderful memories of my years at Luiss, including lectures, the General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto’s presentation of the Garden at Viale Romania which is still active today, and my degree and Master’s at the Luiss School of Government. My graduation was a very formative moment. I had the opportunity to conduct an experimental thesis on an innovative project that saw the participation of institutions and the third sector in the Comune di Mantova, where I carried out empirical research. While drafting my thesis, I saw reality with my own eyes. I spoke to representatives of public institutions, companies, and citizens, and managed to produce an innovation for which I received academic recognition.

I also remember with pleasure and gratitude some excellent professors. The most important professor was the late Alessandro Panza, a great mentor, and someone to remember.

What values do you think bring Luiss graduates together more than others? 

Definitely, the collaboration. Wherever I worked, I found and teamed up with other graduates of our University. What unites us is also the ability to cultivate with care and patience our talent and passions.

Thinking about your profession, how do you envision yourself in 10 years?

Today’s job world is very different from that of the past because we are no longer inclined to imagine ourselves in only one place for life. I believe that the real added value of a professional is constant change. In 10 years, I definitely see myself growing in the world of institutional relationships, which represented the linkage between my passion for politics and the opportunity to work with innovative and constantly changing companies.

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