Interview with Tommaso Vitali

21 December 2021

A Luiss graduate with 10 years work experience at Unilever. Tommaso Vitali is now CMO at Wind Tre

What differences do you see in the world of communications since the beginning of the pandemic?

The pandemic has accelerated the use of digital tools and has increased all market players’ awareness regarding digitalization and its fundamental role in all social spheres. The change has been very significant, and our statistics confirms this. The use of Internet has increased both on the move and at-home, leading to greater research into Internet and its service quality. It goes without saying that even in post-Covid, this acceleration of digitalization will continue.

In my opinion, interestingly, one’s digital identity should not be understood as a Public Digital Identity (SPID), that is an identification system, but as the changes in people’s lives within the digital context.

What role does the company’s purpose play today and what actions must companies take to pursue its related goal?

The concept of purpose is very relevant. For example, our purpose outlines that our company exists to eliminate distances between people. Eliminating distances also means taking responsibility to ensure that the digital zone or Internet is danger-free and can be leveraged as a place of opportunities.

Therefore, the fundamental concept is digital wellbeing. We must also feel at ease within the digital context and be fully aware of how to manage its related problems, in other words, people must engage in civic education in the online space.

In your opinion, are digital natives aware of this?

Digital natives are more prepared to using these tools, but often they are not aware of the possible risks and how to manage these. There needs to be greater awareness, especially because we often talk about situations beyond adults’ control. At WindTre, we created the ‘Neoconnessi’ program (translated as ‘The Newly Connected’), designed for elementary school children in years 4-5 and assists them in their first interaction with digital tools and the Internet. It is important to involve children as well as their families and teachers indirectly in digital and media education. This year, we also thought about creating a ‘Neoconnessi’ category for grandparents.

How have you seen the company role change over time on a social level and how have your colleagues changed? Regarding the topic of entrepreneurship, what is your company’s course of action?

When I graduated in 2005, Luiss had already started to introduce these concepts. This is one of the University’s characteristics: the ability to anticipate certain topics. I worked in consumer goods at Unilever for 10 years, where the concept of purpose was solid and developed. In fact, the multinational had the ambition to duplicate volumes by halving the CO2 impact, even before 2010.

It is important to highlight that companies with a true and authentic purpose grow faster and have greater longevity over those without one. This is because people seek experiences and to build relationships with brands. Therefore, brands must take care of this aspect.

Going back in time, how would you describe your experience at Luiss? Can you share some memories?

Those years were wonderful. I frequented the University at the Viale Pola Campus when the one at Viale Romania did not yet exist. The most important aspects were the content quality, the professors and the organization of the university supporting students throughout their studies, as well as the relationships built with colleagues/friends. I created strong friendships. I owe a lot to this university.

Finally, what would you like to say to the Tommaso of the past?

I would tell him something unprofessional, that is to have more fun. I had a scholarship and, to maintain this great opportunity, I was always very focused. But I would tell him to keep calm and enjoy a few more light-hearted moments.

Virginia Gullotta, Journalist

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